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    Just a quick note to say that the Chatter website is up at

    Although Chatter for the T600 will not be in release for another week or so, I have posted the user manual on the site as well as some information about the product.


    p.s. Beta copies will be going out over the next several days to those who have requested them.

    p.p.s. I am only supporting Chatter for the Treo600.

    p.p.s. Thanks and kudos to peridoc for help on the site!
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    Hi Thanks for posting on TC! Since I am new to your software, does it take the place of software such as AIM or virichat? thanks and take care, Jay
    Ps good luck with your software sales.
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    Well, it has AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, and IMAP email functionality, but that's not the same as saying it "replaces" anything. The manual is posted on the site, and you'll be able to evaluate it for yourself within 1-2 weeks.

    As to sales, well, I'm not doing this for the money. My expectation is that 100% of revenues beyond out-of-pocket expenses will be given to charity.

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    I read the manual. Am I to assume that this will allow push email through fastmail? If so, fantastic work!

    By the way, any plans to support attachments? If not, I thought I read somewhere some kind of possible integration with Snappermail. I know I'm not alone in saying that I would pay a premium for that kind of functionality.

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