Hi all, I've made the jump to a treo 600 (got it today...YAAAAAA!!), and I want to try it out for a while before I decide for good to keep it. Currently, I use a Handpring Visor Deluxe I use as my organizer.

My question is, if in the unlikely event I decide I don't want the Treo 600, are there any issues if I want to move back to the Visor? Could I sync the Treo, uninstall Windows treo software, reinstall Visor software (if nec.), and resync visor, with everything as "desktop overwrites handheld"?

Basically, I'm concerned about the database formats being different, and not backwards compatible. I'm most concerned about the Palm standard apps (Calendar, todo, phone book, memopad).

BTW, go figure, I own own the first and last Handspring products ever... :-)