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    I am confused at whether the Treo 600 on Orange comes with bluetooth. According to orange the phone is Bluetooth enabled. Some of the reviews say it is not or even refer to a bluetooth SD card to make it work.

    Anyone know?

    What I want to do is to connect it to my work network from laptop that is bluetooth enabled(through belkin dongle).

    I have connected my clie tg50 to the work network through blue tooth and then was able to access the web and network drives.

    Is this possible on the Treo 600?

    thnaks in advance

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    Unless Orange is supplying you with a different hardware version, which is very unlikely, there's no Bluetooth capability. In fact, you'll have to wait until some SDIO manufacturers write drivers for PalmOS 5.x. A lot of people are waiting for Bluetooth/WiFi SD cards for the Treo 600. They'll be out in a couple of months, maybe?

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