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    I have ordered a Treo 600 on Orange and I have to choose a GPRS add on package to my existing tariff.

    What I was wondering is how many Mb I will be downloading each month.

    The package I was going to try was 7Mb package.

    Any ideas on GPRS download volumes a month?

    I will be accessing hotmail, company exchange portal and a bit of web surfing.

    For example the ebay login page is 13322bytes. Using GPRS will this take up 13Kb of volume?

    Also will the web browser cache pages that have been visited before, to save having to download it again.

    thanks in advance

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    Make sure you have at least 3MB free memory. Move stuff onto your card. You can adjust Blazer's cache to be large to save you a bit of money.
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    You mean Orange isn't offering an unlimited GPRS data package? Wow!
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    Orange will revamp their GPRS pricing on 3rd November to co-incide with the launch of their Video Messaging service. There will be an "all you can eat" GPRS package but it's pricey! Have a search for a previous post where I listed all the new charges.
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    omar : using the search to find the prices you posted it like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
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    is the search that bad!

    I'll repost the info when i'm a bit more awake tomorrow morning!
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    I used to have Cingular with it's limited bandwidth, hardly ever browsed the 'net or downloaded email.

    Switched to Sprint with unlimited bandwidth and have downloaded over 30 megs in just 10 days.

    Of course maybe that has more to do with the 2x to 4x faster download speeds?

    hmmm . . .
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    Sadly unmetered GPRS is not a cheap option in the UK-it's really expensive unless you work for a Telecoms company or are a beta-tester or someone else is paying the bil

    I used to test for Omnisky and was using 8MB/day.

    This would cost > 600 or 900 US dollars per month here , it's 2.55 per MB!

    I think the upcoming 'unmetered' packages will probably limit you to 2 MB per day as a blind guess.

    I don't think they will allow you to transfer 32MB to your Treo per day everyday for anything less than 1500 per month.

    I guess that is what the Orange Action engine is for, to minimise the data needed to back up.
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    The following is a list of GRPS 'bundles' paid upfront (straight outta the catalogue infront of me)

    megabytes monthly
    1 1.70
    2 3.40
    4 6.81
    7 12.77
    15 21.28
    30 34.04
    *Unlimited 45.00

    out of service charges are as follows:

    1,2 or 4 2.55 per mb
    7,15 or 30 1.27 per mb

    If you don't pay upfront you are charged at 2.55 per mb.

    *subject to fair usage policy and UK only


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    Originally posted by orangeboy

    *Unlimited 45.00

    *subject to fair usage policy and UK only


    How much is 'fair use'?

    if it's 5 MB per day and they drop their prices by 75% I might be interested.
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    I signed up through to the 50 calltime 400 tarriff. I then called orange to see if they had any tariffs that bundled some GPRS. I know they don't normally offer this but they promise to match any other mobile firms tariff (apart from 3), so I gave it a try.

    After several long calls to orange I established that no other mobile firm offers GPRS bundled in with calls so Orange wouldn't offer it.

    But when I tried to choose the correct GPRS package for me the orange support guy told me I didn't need to as i was on a two month free GPRS trial. I made him check twice and he confirmed I would be charged for GPRS for a trial period as long as my usage wasn't ridiculous.

    This is obviously good news, almost too good to be true. Has anyone else been told this?

    I'm hoping to see how much GPRS I use and that choose the tarriff later. I have been impressed with the Internet on a T600 you really can go on almost any page. But it doesn't always work and can take ages. Its just like the real net!

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    I'd ring and check the Orange CS guy was right. Orange are bundling WAP GPRS free for 3 months with all new connections, but not "full" GPRS.

    Here are next months GPRS bundles and OrangeWorld Promo Packs.


    Inclusive Data--------Price-----------Out of Bundle Price
    Unlimited Buffet........52.........................N/A

    "Orange World" Access Promo 3
    3mb GPRS
    10 SMS
    20 MMS = 4

    "Orange World" Access Promo 5
    5mb GPRS
    10 SMS
    20 MMS
    5 Video Messages = 6

    MMS UNDER 50kb = 25p
    50kb -> 100kb (Video messaging & multiple images) = 50p

    Current MMS bundles.

    3 for 10 photo messages
    6 for 20 photo messages
    12 for 40 photo messages.

    New Bundles:

    3 for 15 photo messages
    6 for 30 photo messages
    12 for 60 photo messages

    Anything over 50kb's is classed as a video message and does not come out of the bundle.
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    Originally posted by rich1221
    I have ordered a Treo 600 on Orange and I have to choose a GPRS add on package to my existing tariff.

    What I was wondering is how many Mb I will be downloading each month.
    The figures given on the Orange website are:

    One megabyte =
    1200 WAP pages
    20 web pages
    100 emails without attachments
    10 emails with a one page attachment
    1 email with a PowerPoint presentation attachment

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