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    after handing in the treo 300 to sprint for a $399 credit towards the treo 600, i called the number 1-877-789-3969 to extend the contract another 2 years... and got an additional $150. 00 off the purchase of the new treo 600.

    GRAND TOTAL COST OF TREO 600 ---- $50.00

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    I'm working on the same deal. But, as will all things SPCS, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    According to the CSR's I've spoken with, I'll have to wait till my next statement to see what's what.

    Hopefully it will all work out.
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    What do you mean by this? Do they take trades, or was this some type of return?

    > handing in the treo 300 to sprint for a $399 credit towards the
    > treo 600
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    sprint considered it an upgrade to the treo 600 since i was still under a 1 year warranty for the treo 300.

    so as long as you have a 1 year warranty on your current treo 300 and you call regarding information on going to the treo 600, they may tell you you can return your treo 300 and get $399 credit towards the purchase of the treo 600.

    you basically end up with a charge of $200 for your treo 600.
    you then call that number and ask to extend your contract 2 years, and you will get $150 off that $200, for a sum total of
    .... $50.00!!!

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