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    Just a final FYI - I have reported you and this thread to the moderators for review. I think if you look at the tone of this whole "conversation" as well as the threats and names that you were calling me from ********* to ***** - they might have a word or two to say about it.

    Just curious there mikey. In the picture of the T600 on your signature, there is some hebrew on the screen. Wonder what it says? Surely something different from the callous, hateful attitude you displayed toward me. Maybe I'll babblefish it and see what it says....
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    Not that this isn't enjoyable or anything, but why don't you guys take it offline and quit using the forum to argue?

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    Yeah right, pal.
    Live long and prosper!
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    This stupid flaming reminds me of my dogs when they get hungry. If I forget to feed them or am running late, they get nasty toward each other. They never seem to think to take out their anger over not being fed on me--which is good, because I'd kick them very hard.
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