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    Is the Handspring acquisition by Palm the reason why the orders are being delayed? perhaps new silkscreening to replace the handspring logo with the palm logo?
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    -Michael Ducker
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    Purely conjecture on my part, but I was wondering if perhaps a delay came about due to faulty batches of T600s? We've all read that some here have had bad speakerphones or a 'rattling' from inside their palms. Well, I believe it is possible that some could have been checked or set aside as faulty to keep them from being returned. I can't imagine Handspring making too much money on the upgrades, and they could quickly lose money from costly returns.

    If this is the case (and again, I'm just taking a guess) it is well worth the delay for everyone involved.
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    whatever it is I hope they ship them soon, im really impatient.

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