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    Thanks to you guys, now I don't have a cookie/java problem when surfing!

    (Also thanks for the $150.00 credit info -- didn't think I would qualify since I've been with Sprint for about 4 years and just extended my contract in September -- but lo and behold, I got it! Thanks!!!)

    Anyway, one other question -- seems like old treo 300 users have had problems on first hot sync as upgrade user -- would it be better to just do that first hot sync as new user, or would that confuse things even more?
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    I didn't listen to the warnings about doing a "clean install" and ended up with a mess.

    I performed a Hard Reset on my T600 then did the following:

    I copied my entire Palm folder and placed it on my desktop then uninstalled everything from my system. I mean, complete uninstall.

    I then installed the new Treo 600 software and sync'd it. No problems. I then found and installed the following files from my Palm Backup folder: AddressCitiesDB, AddressCompaniesDB, AddressCountriesDB, AddressStatesDB, AddressTitlesDB, PhoneCallDB, PhoneDialDB. <<<---this kept all my contacts in the right place and kept my phone log from the T300.

    After this, I installed each new application one-by-one and checked for problems. I also re-downloaded fresh copies of AvantGo, VIndigo and Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm.

    Good luck.
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