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    What does it mean when the palm reboots over and over until I hold down the power key and press up to erase all data?

    Once I erase and re-sync it does the same thing after the reset after the sync. I dont have to run any programs to get it to happen again.

    To get back to square 1, I removed everything out of my backup directory, hold down power, erase all data, sync. Now all of the programs are gone but at least it works now.

    I assume that I have an errant program left over from the old palm but why would it constantly reboot after a restore without running any programs?

    ... so confused.
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    Programs can do funny things. To isolate which program is causing the problem (and I'm pretty sure it's one of your programs), try manually adding each program back to the Treo until you get the same problem. Especially problematic are communication programs and hacks, but practically any type of program can cause problems.

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