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    Since Handspring is Handsrung and no more. And the new PT600s are being shipped with new names does that mean.that we early bird buyers will get free upgraded replacements.?
    Did we get the worm or are the worms getting us.

    Does our Loyalty to the product faultier, Do we jump to PPC, give up on the idea of a portable convergence. Do we toss out these Palm devices and go out and buy laptops.? Do we fully surrender and buy …post-its and pencils.

    Will the new PTx00s have the new .. hand molded unib-body, Dual 480 x480 Screened , Quad Band , BT, OS7x, MP3, Fax, Modem, 78 hour talk time (25% more if you are NOT on the internet at the same time), GPS, FM/AM/TV/UHF with the new Satellite DSL built in. Including Indian Lamb skin padded leather case (No CLIP) and wireless car and cradle charges with the entire Handgo software library load in the OS?
    Will we huh Will we.

    Hey handspring… no one’s gonna answer.

    You see it is sad HS is going away because Competition is what birthed the Treos and now there is one less player in the sandbox.
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    There are no new names on the Treo 600. There will not be new names on the Handspring Treo 600 for several months.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff

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