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    Does anyone else have a problem with the treo600 where sometimes a trilling beep (sounds like several tiny beeps in row) is made instead of a normal single beep :

    ---when clicking using the center button of the "5-way" directional control onto an application icon?

    ---or when pressing the "home" button (next to the menu button) when in an application?

    ---or less frequently when pressing one of the silver application buttons (phone, calander, mail)?

    It happens to me in all 3 cases without any pattern i can discern.

    Is there something wrong with my Treo? Anyone have any ideas how to make it just beep normally once?
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    Don't have your problem but did have other sound problems. See my thread:
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    I am having the exact same issue. I don't know if this is normal or there is something wrong with my Treo.
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    This seems to be a little bug in the software. Just soft reset and it will stop doing it. I presume this will be fixed in future ROMs.

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