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    I am sorry if this topic has been discussed or covered somewhere else here, but my searchs have ended up not covering what I need to know.

    I am coming from using PocketPCs for a while where accessing and utilizing external memory cards worked like a breeze. I could just open Resco File Explorer (or the built in File Manager App) and launch stored files easily (such as MP3s, Videos, programs). I can't seem to figure out why Palm doesn't let you store files in any folder I want on an external card? I figured out that I could store pictures in a DCIM folder, but that's about as far as I got.

    To be specific:

    I saved a video attachment (kinomi) I received in snapper to my external card into the PALM folder. For some reason, this process of moving the file (approx 6 MB in size) from snapper to the external card took about 20+ minutes!!!! What is up with that? On my PPC, that process may have taken 10 seconds. Some pointers here? After I moved it, I can't find this file in any way, without using FileZ (some file app I found on the internet), which crashes my T600 every time I exit it! I can't really do anything with FileZ anyways, but I can verify that the file is on the external storage card - if this were a PPC, I could just browse to the right folder, and double click the file to open it in an associated program (kinomi). When I go to Kinomi, there is no indication that this video is anywhere on the machine, which I guess means I need to "install" the video file (.pdb extension), which also seems retarded to me. Why do you have to "install" a video file?

    I am pretty much lost otherwise.

    I am using a LexarMedia 256 MB SD card. Can someone help me figure out why the transfer from Snapper to the card was so horribly slow, and can someone help me out by pointing out how I should work with storage cards in general? It used to be so easy (just like windows! )

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    Kinoma expects the files to be in the directory "/palm/programs/kinoma/". They should have made it easier like PocketTunes, which finds appropriate files anywhere.

    I don't know why moving that file took that long. I have a SanDisk 256MB and I didn't see such slowness.

    You CAN move files with Filez, by the way. I have also found the file browser that comes with SnapperMail to be very useful. However, it's a shame that in order to use it, you have to do it from within a new email message and select to attach a file. Once there, you can move files, copy, delete, etc.

    I am sure there must be a better SD card browser out there, but I didn't need one yet. I use a card reader on my PC to load large amounts of data on my card. A real file system browser should come with the device if you ask me. However, the file system on the card is foreign to the Palm OS, which deals with prc's and pdb's excusively and in which each app handles its own data without the user ever having to "browse" a file system.

    Good luck.
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    Anyone else who can contribute it would be appreciated!

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    get palm commander... works great
  5.    #5 the old DOS Norton Commander??? HA! I loved that program...
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    I am giving Palm Commander a shot right now. I am trying to move the .pdb file for kinomi into the PALM/Programs/kinomi folder on the storage card. It is taking forever. What's up with storage card transfer speeds?? This is killing me! Is it working fast for everyone else? There, I just typed this whole message and fixed grammatical errors in the time it took it to copy from one folder to another on the same memory card. It should've been nearly instantaneous!
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    I moved a 2MB kinoma file to a PQI 128Mb card in about 2 seconds using Filez. Sounds like you have a problem card.
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    yes it does remind u of the old dos utility... simple but effective.

    I too think its in your card zoomer. I have very fast transfers with my 128 kingston card. im not knocking sansdisk but they apparantly get most of the complaints from what I can gather in other forums and various places.
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    Hmmmmm... a bad card? I stay away from SanDisk for the same reasons you specified RASTOMA, but I have a LEXAR card, which tend to be of better quality. The card works great in my Ipaq 1945!
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    I am sorry.... I don't know I assumed the brand was sandisk.

    well I don't know to say other than see if u can find others using lexar too. could be the 600 just like that particular card since others and myself don't get the slow speeds you're experiencing.
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    I have Sandisk SD cards and the Hitachi MMC card you get bundled with Orange.

    Sometimes transfers go really quick, especially from Card to Treo, but sometimes I do get a bit of a slow down when transferring a file from the Treo to the Card.

    Card to card transfers all seem quick.

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