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    I emailed Pro-Clip to inquire when they'd have a car mount for the Treo 600. Got a reply that it would be available early November and they'd email me when ready.

    I've been looking for an easy solution for a car mount and this looks like a good one.
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    I got the same message from them. I've got a proclip for my 180g that i love. It's attached to the phone stalk in my Mini. it was a perfect fit too. They make different kinds of mounts that fit your vehicle, then you get the holder that fits your phone and put them together. it's an awesome fit, like OEM.
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    I use the ProClip vent mount for my 180 in a Volvo.

    Great product, and great customer service.
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    You should be able to use the Proclip product to mount the Treo's Car Kit when available. I may have to pick one up for my Murano as the Treo is just a hair too wide for the cubby that was made to hold cell phones.
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    Why wait until November when there is an even better solution? Pro-Fit International make a metal bracket that fits under the bezel surrounding the radio/cd player housing. This bracket is easy to install and it will NOT block off one of your air conditioning vents. This is the same bracket that all the auto dealerships use when you have your phone installed by them. The final appearance will be very a professional, permanent installation.

    Once you get the bracket installed you pickup a universal mount from RadioShack and you are set to go.

    This great thing about this solution is that you can remove RadioShack's universal mount when you sell or trade your vehicle and then you just have to buy another bracket for your next car.

    If you can follow directions, the bracket is easy to install. I've installed 5 of these brackets myself; 3 for friends and 2 for me. (Just for the record I'm a girl that is good at following instructions. So, I know you guys can do this.....)

    The Pro-Fit Bracket will set you back between $20 and $30 bucks (depending on vehicle make & model) and the RadioShack Mount will run you another $20.

    Pro-Fit Bracket

    Radio Shack Mount

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    To bad ProFit doesn't have a mount yet for the Nissan Murano. I don't think they had a projected date when I checked with them a while back either.
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    I'm not looking for a permanent solution as I hope to eventually sell my car. Plus early Nov. is next week.
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    ProClip e-mailed me yesterday that they are still waiting for Handspring to send them a dummy 600 so they can begin design and manufacturing. They did say that once they get the 600, it would be a short turnaround until ready to rollout bracket.

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