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    I had the Paypal for Palm bookmarked in my T300 but can't retrieve it now. Anyone knows of the URL?

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    I imagine you are looking for a wap version, but this one works fine.
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    Yeah, there's a mobile version that's really basic but lightning fast. Anyone anyone?
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    Hmmm...searched Paypal's help section and all I could find is this:
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    I don't believe there is a different PayPal url for palm or a mobile phone. simply served up a different page depending on the browser it detected.
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    Has anyone found the correct url for this? Maybe even opening it up in a text browser and going from there?
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    The opening page of Paypal is dependent on your browser's User-Agent string. Unfortunately, they don't have Blazer (from either the 300 or the 600) as one that will display their mobile version...

    - Mike

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