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    Anybody else have this problem? When using Snappermail on the 600, four times out of five, when I try to connect to retrieve my e-mail (I use Comcast), it gets stuck in "Authorizing" and then generally doesn't complete the send/fetch. Seems pretty random regarding when it works and when it doesn't.

    I recognize that this could be a comcast problem, of course, but this didn't happen on my Treo 300. Anybody have any experience or insight on this?
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    I get this problem with my comcast account when SEND-ing only. Not sure what to do.

    Recheck your settings too.

    On the Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) page you will need to fill in your information for each of the six fields. For Your Name type in your name, for E-mail Address type in your Comcast provided e-mail address. In the User Name field type in your Comcast user name (which is the part before in your e-mail address) and in the Password field type in your password. For Incoming mail server (POP3) type in For Outgoing mail server (SMTP) type in
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    I can receive just find, but sending isn't happening. Think it has something to do with authnication from remote sites on Comcast's part. If you find out what to do to correct it, post it here
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    Same problem. No help from website.

    Will post if solution found.
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    I have the same problem as well and it often (but not always) involves Comcast.

    I have my smtp set to sprint's settings however (not comcast's). Comcast would not let me relay (send mail from a sprint phone over their SMTP).

    I can't tell if the "authorizing" hang up is a comcast or a sprint issue.

    Big pain the rear...
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    Am having the same 'sending' problem with Mediacom. Can receive just fine, but can't send. Just sits at 'authorizing' until it times out.

    Beginning to sound like a software problem to me, what with all the different ISPs being involved.
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    I think I have discovered the root casuse of my "authorizing" hang-up.

    Each time I have had an e-mail that I was attempting to FORWARD on an account other than my sprint account. I think that the SPRINT smtp has an issue with trying to forward an e-mail received on a COMCAST or other ISP account.

    Once I deleted the forwarded e-mail in my OUTBOX my mail went through quickly.

    I will experiment with this further.

    As an FYI, I renamed my Comcast account as Z Comcast so that it sits at the bottom of the accounts ( I have 3) and therefore hits the Sprint account first.

    We'll see...
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    For what it is worth, the manual recommends using smtp.sprintpcs for sending, rather than the account you received it from. Hadn't read that before, and might have changed my decision about buying. But, seems workable. Just didn't want to have to use Sprint for sending email.

    Oh well!
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    I have noticed the authorizing delay ever since the last couple versions of SnapperMail. Send or receive it can take a ridiculously long time. I check two separate mail servers and can have problems on one or both. I have checked those servers with other programs and have not seen the same delays. could be I doubt the folks at Snapper would do something that would make it hard to login to a POP3 server.

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    I WANT to use email, but cannot get it to work. In Snapper it says it could not be completed. I have reset my password and it still won't work. In the fields I populated right according to Sprint...still no go. I will call tomorrow and talk to tech support to see if I'm doing something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions please let me know.
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    I don't have too much that is helpful to you -- although I did notice that I had failed to check the "POP before sending" box on the MORE tab (under SERVER tab). When I did that I thought I got ore reliable connects.

    Still under evaluation though....
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    Iam still getting stuck on Authorizing while trying to fetch/send. It ultimately goes through but what a pain. Any suggestions?
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    I get this as well...

    Does not matter if I send or am just checking for new mail. Sometimes it works well, but most of the time it will set for 3 min trying to connect. I even changed my SMTP and POP names to the IP address thinking it was a DNS issue and it did not help.

    Anyone else having the issue? I believe my pop server is ruining send-mail.

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