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    On the conference call (shareholder vote at PALM) a real estate guy said he had a standing order for 2700 that he can't get filled.

    He was not happy about that.
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    OMG thats horrible!

    I only need 3...
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    I would think this would be good news for Handspring, urr.. PalmOne. I also would have thought if you were buying in that kind of bulk you could have worked a deal upfront with Handspring distributions channels. I suppose I'd have to hear if he just went to the website and ordered 2700 or if he did something else.
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    It was kind of a bizarro comment by the guy - at 2700 TREO 600s he "wants" to order essentially what Sprint did (by best evidence) - I'd think he'd be able to "do a deal" too.

    Perhaps he was trying to order through TMobile or Sprint Business Branch or something.

    Or maybe he was a shill.

    We'll quite likely never know.
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    Well it would be nice to know if he is waiting for the GSM or CDMA version, if he ordered directly from HS or from the provider. 2700 phones is a lot for a single order and I would bet that it would take any manufacturer or carrier some time to ship that, especially the carrier because they probably want to track what Serial Numbers were shipped on an order that big.

    Also this person should have some sort of agreement with whoever he is getting them from since this order would at least be over 1 million dollars at $400 per phone. I just saw a $200,000 order put in with Cisco for network hardware and their is at least a 30-day lead time to get it in from Cisco, and they are a huge operation.

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