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    Hey all..just wanted to give you the heads up. According to Vaja's website at the Treo 600 will have a case available today. The link isn't available yet, as I have already emailed them and received a response (in like under 5 minutes...WOW).

    Any way, I was told that the weblink for the Treo 600 would be available later today!

    For you Vaja lovers out there, this is the only way!

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    Funny... I have emailed them a couple of times over the last month and have never received any kind of response. Oh well... nice leather, I guess.
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    Personally I'm waiting for the I-volution case. It should be similar to this one for the Tungsten W. Generally the I-volution line comes about 2-3 months after the initial release of the product. It should be a good Christmas present for myself.
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