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    Has anyone tried the upgraded web pro for the T3 yet? It says it is for the T3 only. If it does work on the treo is there a difference over v.3?
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    I've read that a version of webpro 3+ works on the Treo 600. I'm not sure if it's on the legal up and up, but I have seen it working. There's a thread around here devoted to "Webpro 3 vs. Blazer 3" I think.
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    Let me clarify, I have web pro 3 working on my treo. I was wondering if the update for the T3 (web pro 3.1) will work on the treo and if it does what are the benefits if any?
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    Where can I find webpro 3? Is that the best browser that works on the T600?
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    I guess I didn't know that 3.1 was available. I went to which seems to be the home of WebPro and it says 3.0. Perhaps it's not updated. In any event, I wouldn't expect much in the way of added features for a 0.1 update. It's usually just bug fixes. If yours works well enough for you, then it's probably not too critical.

    To Tank41, please check out my reference above to another thread detailing in part how to get webpro 3.0 on the Treo 600.
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    It works fine if you download the patched version that removes the proxy pop-up but it doesn't work with th T600's 5 way button. I found myself using the stylus for emost things. Which defeast teh purpose. It seemed to be faster than Blazer for some functions but for now I'll stick with Blazer.

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