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    thanks alot.....Both of you have some nice tones there.

    As much as I like these midi's, does anyone know if it will ever be possible to use wav files for rintones?

    My other phone wasn't half as good as my T600 and it used qualcomm's qcp file format. Free utility to drop .wav (mono-8bit?) files onto, and it converts it to .qcp.

    I had awesome alarm sounds that sounded like those hurricane or tornado alarms. I miss those for my alarm clock. Also had some cool ringers too.

    anyway, keep them coming.
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    Thank you so much! I have spent far too much time trying to find a "normal business" ringer. These are better than anything else I found. Great work, and thanks again!
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    Patti -- thanks for the great ring tones. Just what we needed!

    I do have one request though. I'd like to silence the unknown calls. Would it be possible to create a silent ringtone? One that I could select for Unknown Caller ID calls?

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    As you wish! I've added a ringtone called Silent to the collection.

    Boy did that tax my musical abilities. :-)
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    Originally posted by PattiB

    You mean that horrible thirteen-note monstrosity?

    It's actually a small section of a song called Gran Vals by a Spanish guitarist and composer named Francisco Tarrega. It's quite a beautiful song-- the whole thing as a midi file is at

    If you really want it, I can create it quite easily. The only problem will be figuring out how to make a raspberry sound at the end... :-)
    Erm... actually I was referring to the standard ringtone.
    The one that goes ring-ring in a very high-pitch sound; not a melodic tune.

    I'm using the ones on; they sound pretty similar.
    Thanks anyway.
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    For anybody who cares, I added three more tonight.

    I've taken to creating a couple when I have ten or fifteen minutes to spare and I need to relax.
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