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    Hi all, I few days ago, I reported that there will soon be a gps unit with an attached sd card.

    while that is on the hozison, I decided to put my $ where my mouth is and I have ordered the igolf gps system. when it arrives I have to update the mkapopoplis software and I suhould have a talking gps unit for the t600. Or at least that is what igolf thinks. I will check it out and let you all know!

    igolf thinks should be enough room for upgraded mapopolis siftware and many other programs on my t600. I will have to trasfer some programs to a sd card, I should think. Well let you all know, take care, jay
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    Please keep us updated.

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    will do, I will check it out here in fla and in vegas as well. I understand that part of the mapopolis software I will be adding to it, provides, local places to eat, hotels, things to do, etc. should be a blast. take care, jay
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    HI, I got email from IGOLF today, informing me that the IGOLF GPS unit should be shipped out no later than 11/15/03 or I CAN CANCEL THE ORDER!

    Apparently the order is cancelerable, but I lose the 50% deposit, HOWEVER IF THEY DO NOT SHIP BY THE ABOVE DATE THEY LOSE THE ABILITY TO KEEP MY DEPOSIT!

    They will however refund all of my $ if it does not work on the T600, of which they have not tested it. (We did go back and forth with calls and they wil also refund my $ if I just do not like it).

    In spite of the fact that I posted about another firm's coming out in a number of months, I doi want to give this a try. I have perhaps the worl's worst sence of direction.

    In all honesty I can get lost in my own home, and not because it it big, that is how bad I am< LOL< LOL< LOL< hahahah. However, IGOLF and I did discuss if the voice prompts do not work on the t600, I will return it for a full refund as I refuse to take my eyes off the road, to see where the T600/gps is sending me! That puts it's shipping date about 2 1/2 weeks from now, so it will not be long from now!

    I will keep you all updated, take care, jay
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    I have put a deposit down on igolf GPS/Mapopolis also. I had the impression we would receive Mapopolis Platinum Plus which, unlike Navigator, does not include audible (talking) support. Am I wrong about the package? Can we upgrade, assuming from your post that Treo 600 will work with Navigator?
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    Hi, yes, once we get the unit, we can upgrade to navigator which I will and I am also going to download place guides as well. take care, jay
    ps I cannot wait!

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