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    Looks like the Bellagio Designs flip case is delayed. The web site had originally said they would ship on the 25th, but now they're talking about a Nov. 10 delivery.

    If the Vaja case looks good and is coming out quicker, I'm going to be cancelling my order with Bellagio...
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    Yeah, kinda sucks because I ordered it am still using the case that was provided with the 600. If it is delayed further, I may upgrade/downgrade to the Vaja too. The only positive about the delay is that it looks as though the case has a removable flap or they are including a case that does not have a flap.
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    If I read their updated treo page right you now get two cases, one flip and one open for the one price. Seems like a bargain.

    Anyone know if the open case has plastic over the display and keys?

    Bellagio Two for One?
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    It would appear you are correct - it's being sold as a "bundle." Cool. I've already ordered - I hope they're planning to send me both. I ordered on the basis of the flip-style case, but I'm willing to try the other one.

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