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    hello everybody,

    i joined this thought to a previous post of mines and i figured i'd rather start an altogether new thread where we collect out info and experiences on FIREWALL and security over the internet and the TREO600 applications available.

    does any of you know about FIREWALL software to use with the TREO600 ?

    i'm thinking about a program to check outgoing data especially.
    i do not want some sensible information to be sent by my TREO600 EVER; i want an option to pop-up to decide whether a certain string of characters is to be let go or not.

    of course this would go with a whole package covering data scan for info coming in as well as virus scan...

    but first and foremost, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHECK ANY SINGLE DATA BLOCK EVER BEING SENT IN REAL TIME to filter actions and cancel them if necessary.

    please keep in mind that data can be sent over GPRS as well as GSM or CDMA.

    do you currently use any program that perform such operations ?
    what do you think of it ?

    THX to all of you who will decide to contribute to this thread.

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    but then, there aren't any server services to attack, so the worst someone could do is launch a denial of service attack on you.

    I don't think anybody is going to be hacking into these devices any time soon.

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