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    OK group, it time to turn our focus on tweeking this amazing device as a break from compaining.
    There must be some type of tweeks or adjustment to make this thing pull down web pages quicker, I mean purr like DSL. There must be a way to optimize the web!. I know turning off pictures help but I need more speed Scotty!!!
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    I agree with the speeds I am getting (89 to 105kbps) this tiny web pages should be rendered faster. Not to mention the faster processor, to tell you the truth I don't notice a difference from my samsung i330.
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    try web pro 3. supposedly much faster than blazer 3.
    theres a patch you can download from the thread titled ...
    web pro 3 vs blazer 3. theres a link that takes you to cliesource.. you can download it from there.
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    Not to me too, but WebPro3 is a screamer.

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