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    I currently use a Sony NX80, a Sidekick and a Samsung 620. I use (and like) the Sony as my PDA (Agendus user), the Sidekick solely for receiving and sending e-mails while away from the office, and the Samsung for my phone.

    I am generally happy with all 3 units. The problem is that I need to carry ALL 3 of them with me wherever I go!

    I recently saw the Treo 600 from SPRINT at a Best Buy and have been intrigued by the idea of having JUST ONE unit to carry with me to handle my PDA/E-mail/phone needs.

    I would appreciate ANY input that would help me make a decision. Specifically, WHAT WOULD I BE GIVING UP by using ONLY the Treo 600 in the place of my Sony NX80, the Sidekick and the Samsung?

    By the by, I am a current Sprint customer that would like to keep my phone number.
    ALSO, when I briefly played with the Treo 600, I couldn't find a Graffiti screen --- Can you use Graffiti with it?

    THANK YOU in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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    The answer is yes.

    Some people would say that you should go with a Blackberry or some kind of MS Smartphone thing (paging PurpleX to thread 40019) but if you're already using a Palm OS organizer, you're going to be very happy with the Treo.

    Remember, though, that moving to a different platform (and the Treo is a different platform) will feel weird and there will be things you will find awkward and things you won't like. Overall, though, the Treo is the way to go for someone in your situation.

    P.S. No graffiti.

    P.P.S. ...meh, I forget what I was going to say.

    P.P.P.S. If you want to just try this situation out, pick up a Treo 300 -- the things are freakin' cheap right now and they will do everything your current set up does for you (well, other than the step backwards to an OS 3.5 device).
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    Thanks for your feedback, Snerdy.

    My Clie NX80 is also OS5. What do you mean by "Treo is a different platform?" Are you talking about the layout of keys? Also, in scanning the discussions, I'm not sure whether the Treo 600 uses Graffiti.

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    P.S. Loved the Purplez thread - more action than T3.
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    I geuss if you really wanted to use graffiti there are a few palm apps that will let you right with grafitti anywhere on the screen ( couldn't tell you how they work ), however one of the driving forces behind the T600 is the ability to put your stylus away, Almost forever! With the 5way nav and keypad you will almost never use the stylus. As far as just the pda side goes, it will take some getting used to for you to fully embrace the switch from your sony to a PALM device. While the palm is fully capable of handling your every need, it will be a change. This is your biggest change! As far as the phone aspect, this is a definate upgrade! Great user interface on the phone, good reception, it holds down the phone area very well And as far as the sidekick goes, the treo blows it out of the water. I had a sidekick for 2 days. Bad interface! You will love the treo600. And even more you will love the lack of luggage you have to carry around1

    GET CONVERGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "Different platform" was probably a poor choice of words. I should have said "different device." It'll feel like new shoes -- awkward and weird ...untill you break them in or get used to the way the heel is a different height and the tounge cuts into your ankle. Does that makes sense?

    Again -- all in all, I think you'll be very pleased with how the Treo brings together the three devices you are currently using.
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    Sorry! Thought that sony was not a palm device. Being your already a palm guy, hell yes you should get the treo600 !
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    Thanks again for the feedback.

    I'm going to purchase the Treo 600 and give it a whirl.

    I love learning about new devices and find it fun, so I'm not concerned about the challenge of adjusting to something new.
    (I started with Palm Pilot years ago, switched to Compaq IPAQ's Pocket PC, then over to Sony Clie about a year ago).

    I REALLY LOVE the idea of "convergence" and needing only one device.

    Hey, I got nothing to lose -

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    You can use graffiti with the Treo. The librarys are there but you need jot or that free program to use it. There are many threads on this board that explains this. That being said, I have been using Graffiti for 7 years and think of myself as very fast at it. On my Treo I have jot installed and almost never use it. I just love this Keyboard! I hav e the form fiting case that covers the keys with plastic. I find the case makes me even faster.

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