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    I am very new to this, forgive me if this is a dumb question:

    When I download the Verichat software from their website (VeriChat v1.90b), do I download that to my PC and then somehow transfer it to my Treo 600?

    Or do I go to that website using my Treo 600 and download it using the Treo 600?

    Just got my Treo 600 today, woo-hoo!

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    simply download the verichat 1.90b program to a folder on your pc computer. Then unzip the file. extract the necessary program files.

    Double click the verichat files that are necessary for the installation into your treo 600. Hotsync and now you have it in your treo 600.

    Good luck
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    thank u, that worked to install

    although oddly, i can get one of my aim accounts to work, but not the other one. says to check my username and pswd, and i know i am entering them right. weird

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