I did a test and came up with some interesting results. Basically the "life data" tracked when you dial ##786 only tracks data used by blazer 3.0 and not when the T600 is used as a modem with PdaNet.

I took a reading of my T600's life data at 63,168 kb, then used the T600 with PdaNet and received about 255 kb of data, looked at the life data and it did not add up. It was low at 63,192 kb but should have been at 63,423 kb.

I then used blazer 3.0 to go to weather.com which was a big one at approx 280 kb. Life data changed to 63,467 kb which correspnds and was close to the expected results (63,192 + 280 = 63,472 kb)

Anyone else care to try this test? I'm curious if you get similar results.