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    Problems since GPRS updated
    On my second 270.(Hinge broke on 1st) Since treo GPRS, I reset like it was free. Constant problems with sync.(More tempermental than my old girlfriend.)
    I bought all the extended warranties, etc, thinking I would have smooth sailing, but all issues are then classified as "software", so u can easily spend $100s on tech support at $20 a pop.
    Before GPRS, I had no issues.
    Although the 270 is great when it is running right, I would not buy another one.
    They need to sell a software support package, or have better support when u buy one.
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    Your problems are nothing new, my friend.

    Be happy for the Treo 'experience' - likewise for your ex-girlfriend
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    Hmm... many people have had the opposite expeience also. I have had my 270 for over a year. This is the first and only 270 I have had. It was quickly updated to use the 1.1.1 GPRS update. No mechanical problems. Very few resets. Most due to being a beta tester of various software ttiles. The worst software incompatibilities were due to AOL's AIM client. Not something due to handspring or palm there...

    Obviously YMMV... but I have throroughly enjoyed my 270 and am anxiously awaiting the GSM treo 600.
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    I agree with the statement that YMMV. I am a happy user of a Treo cell phone and had encountered problems such as the Dead Speaker Syndrome and unable to sync using USB after 2 1/2 months. Despite that I continued to use the by using the headset and serial cable. My main main complaint has been with HS and their poor CS. Some HS Customer Service employees treats their users badly as if the users don't know how to use the phone.

    T-Mobile provided excellent support and remedied my problems.

    I have always wanted colored that I now bought a 270 eBay and is very happy with its performance and use.

    If HS has been more customer service oriented perhaps more users would be happier.

    As far as the flip cover, as with anything else with delicate electronics, how it is physically handled is also subject to breakage. The flip cover was not made to be subjected to severe stress. I have dropped my phone several times and had some dings but otherwise no issues.

    As I said YMMV.
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    And I'm another happy one-270 owner. My one-year T-Mobile contract has expired and I'm shopping around because I'm itching for a new something. But at this point, I'm still not convinced that the 600 is better than my 270 -at least not $400 better.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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