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    Beginning today, whenever I attempt to the open the solitaire game Klondike, the T600 peforms a soft reset. Solitaire has worked flawlessly until now. I also have this happen on occasion when I am drafting an e-mail and I select and address for the "To:" field from my contact list.

    Has anyone else had this experience or know what might be causing the problem? I haven't deleted anything or made any changes to any of the files, other than perhaps files modified in the background by other running apps.
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    its probably a conflict because of something else you've installed recently.

    try uninstalling recent things to see if that fixes it, if not then you might have to do a hard reset.
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    This happened to me today, as well. I recently installed Visto's Message Xpress client, so that may be it. If so, I'll have to live without Klondike. Oh well . . .

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