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    For those of you who have your T600 already, when there's an incoming call, does the earbud or headset pass the ringer or a tone along to let you know about the call? On my T300 it does not.

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    Anyone? Do you get any kind of indication via the earbud that a call is incoming?
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    Hi, sorry I am of no help. I cannot stand having an earbud in my ear, so I have never tired the one that came with my 300 or the one with my 600! I me it feels like my head is being drilled from one side to theother. Perhaps it is because I have had extensive crainal base surgery. However, I do not think many people are crazy about ear buds, In additon there seems to be limited info for you, since many people are doing without headsets until someone comes out with a non ear budy headset that handles mp3 as well as phone usage! take care, jay

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