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    I know this is over in the other forum. However I think it belongs here. I have tried it out and it works great. The only thing we need now is the voice recorded and we will be set.

    Help Article for T600 and Sony UX-50

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    Thanks, that's amazing!
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    Great find, but before I install it to my Treo 600, who told you that this is also for the Treo 600? Everything on the Audible website says it is for the Sony UX-50, which isn't even close to the same device. I'm guessing it works or else you wouldn't be posting, but I'd like to wait until Audible actually says it is meant to be installed to a Treo 600.
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    It is made for OS 5.2, which both the UX-50 and the Treo 600 run.
    -Michael Ducker
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    Wow, I've just got to say that Audible works great on the Treo 600! If you haven't checked out it's time to. You can find almost any book in audio format there. Another great use for my Treo!
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    I had Audible Player on my Zire 71 but it kept crashing on the Treo 600. Thanks sooooo much for posting the prc link for the T600. It works like a charm. I can now finish my latest Kellerman book.
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    I installled it, and put a .aa file on in the Audible Files directory on my SD card, but when I run the Audible Player, it's not finding the .aa files....?
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    I'm also an Audible addict, but I can't seem to get it working on my 600. At first, I had the same problem others had, a soft reset every time I tried to play an Audible file. Then, when I installed the beta .prc, I can play the files already on the 600 fine. But, I can't figure out how to transfer my downloaded content from my PC to my 600. The "Transfer" button on AudibleManager is greyed out, I can't drag the files to the Transfer window, and hitting the "Move to AudiblePlayer for Palm" button does nothing. I even tried manually copying the Audible files to my install folder, but I can't synch the files to my 600 because it tells me I don't have a program to play those types of files. Anybody else having these problems?? I sent an e-mail to Audible a couple of days ago, but no response yet.
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    Make sure your Treo600 is hooked to the USB port. Open up Audible Manager, go to the Audible Player on your T6 and open it. You should hear the familiar hot sync noise. Make sure you have the CARD radio button activated. You'll get a pop up message asking you to hot sync so it can see what you have on your card. From there you should be able to delete, add, etc. It takes several hot syncs to do this. Good Luck.
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    I've successfully installed AudiblePlayer on my TREO 600. I then copied an Audible Book [.aa] (format #2) from my desktop computer (Apple MAC Powerbook G4) to my SD card using Missing Sync (an excellent program that I recommend to all). I noticed that installing the PalmAudiblePlayer.prc file placed a folder on my SD card called "AudibleAudio". This is where I copied the Audible Book.
    Anyhow the AudiblePlayer opens find on the TREO 600 but no books are recognized.
    Is this perhaps because the Audible Book files were not installed through the PC application "Audible Manager"?
    Any suggestions on how to get this to work via MAC?
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    I too am having trouble getting the Audible Player to recognize my Audible files on my Treo 600 using a Mac. I hope someone who has successfully done this reads these posts and replies with a solution.
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    I just did a search on Audible's Help area. No official support for Palm/Macintosh as of yet.**&p_li=

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    There are a lot of clever and resourceful users out there. Someone must have discovered a way for us MAC users to get the Audible Files recognized by the Palm Audible Player. What does the Audible Manager Application do when transferring the files to the Palm that is any different from simply copying the files over?
    I, on the other hand, am simply not that smart.
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    It seems as if Apple is pushing folks to iPods -- and not supporting books on any pdas -- while offers Mac support only for its own Otis -- thus, it seems that Treo 600 Mac users are out of luck for now, until someone clever comes up with a good work-around -- when you get it, please let me know! A big thanks in advance . . .
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    First of all, Audible does support iPOD. Maybe this is new, but iPOD is all over their home page - they even give a $100 rebate if you sign up for their service and buy an iPOD.

    But who cares, right? We're T600 lovers and using an iPOD kind of defeats the one device purpose... We should put pressure on Audible, however, to offer the $100 rebate for the T600 - they offer it for other Palm devices...

    On to the real reason for my post.

    I can not access the prc file posted at the beginning of this thread or the help file... DogtownII - could you please help me with this? I get an access denied on the help link and the prc link takes me to audible which then dies...

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    Ignore the request for download info in my last post. I was able to easily find the software on the site at

    Also, I would recommend that future posts be made the the more current thread at:

    I am curious - are you able to download straight to your T600 or do you have to download to your laptop first and then transfer?

    (I'll also post this question on the other thread.)


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    So I guess there is no version of the Audible Player on the Mac. But here is an easy workaround.

    Download the audible book .aa file via iTunes. Burn a CD. Then Import the CD using iTunes. The file is now in mp3 format and can be transferred to the Treo 600 using Missing Sync and played using pTunes.

    I guess this really is a waste of a CD unless but at least you get a backup copy.

    Anyone have a better solution?

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    I've been getting soft resets whenever I use the player for a long time. Anyone else getting this?
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    I'm a mac user and want audible on the treo... I'll try VPC later and report...

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    Question: Can I use my Macintosh to listen to programs?

    Answer: Yes, you can use iTunes 3 and above to download and listen to titles. Please visit for more information.

    This is the response posted on the web site when I went to HELP and then typed in macintosh. The actual link was:**&p_li=

    So, it looks to me like they do support the mac - but I can't really verify this since I'm not a mac user... Another help topic said that they did not support Palm transfers from Mac (just to iPod), however, so unless that post is old, you may not really be in luck...

    Question: I have an Apple Macintosh - can I use my Palm handheld with Audible?

    Answer: No, even though the Audible service is supported in iTunes 4 on Mac OS X, there is not yet support for Palm handhelds. We hope to add this support sometime in the future, so check the Audible Help Center periodically ( for news on this subject.**&p_li=
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