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    I just wanted to reply to see what would happen.
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    Send us your Treo 600 with a check for $ 299 + 35 shipping

    We will upgrade your screen to 320 x 320, and install a 1.3 Meg camera, along with an LED flash.

    Send unit to:

    Donna Palm
    Lazy Handspring Wait
    Tomorrow, US 00000

    Would'nt it be nice?
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    Where's the great link to a news article saying that a 320/320 screen is coming out?
    Where's anything?

    Can you hear me now?

    On another note... my 100th Post!!!
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    What are the stars next to the thread and how did they get there?
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    I just recieved my tracking number!
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    Sign me up. I don't have any cash at the moment, though -- can I trade you a pig instead?
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    Congrats on that tracking number!
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