Greetings all,
I recently aquired a used Treo 300 to replace my aging QCP-6035 Palm phone. I am also use a Tungsten C as my main PDA. I am having issues using the Treo to perform some wireless functions that I am easily able to do with my Tungsten C. I have searched the forums and have found some valuble infomation, but nothing to resolve my issues. Hence, my questions here.

On my Tungsten C I use the built in wifi and VPN function to access my corp network. With this VPN connection I am able to use SMBMate to move files between my office servers and to my Palm, check corp. e-mail and hotsync with my office PC. All this works flawlesly.

I have installed a demo of MergicVPN (v1.04b) on my Treo and set up my VPN information as it is set up on my Tungsten. I am able to initiate a Vision connection, initialize Mergic and successfully create the tunnel into my corp network. However this is as far as I am able to go. I cant use SMBMate, check e-mail nor can I hotsync. Again, I can do all this with my Tungsten. I have the same programs installed on my Treo that I use on my Tungsten.

What am I missing? Any information will be appreiciated. Also, does anyone know if a the Treo can be used as a wireless (IrDA) modem with another Palm device? I would like to use the Treo as a modem for my Tungsten when a wifi connection is not available.