As you can tell by the choices, I'm just kidding. I sure by the time the cubs or redsocks win a world series, we will all have a treo2050.

It is frustrating that almost everyone else in the world can order a treo and get it, but we US gsm user have to wait longer.

BTW, when the sprint version came out, when did Handspring say it would be out? I don't remember if they announce its availability before or after it was available on their site.

You would think that if it were soon (this week or next), handspring would know this. Why not give out the date and at least stop all the calling to them about the gsm availability.

I havent called, but sent an email to an "exec" and was told "Felipe - it won't be long now. " but this was on the 20th.

Unfortunately, for me, there are no alternatives.