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    I know I saw this some where but can't find it now. I'm new to the forum, so I might not be doing everything it takes to find it.

    anyway, I see the note in the 600 box warning against using 300 CAR chargers on the 600. My question -- can any of the others be used, like serial, ac, etc? Thanks for helping a newbie!
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    everything except the car charger works for me. The t300 car charger worked for a bit, but the last two times it forced a hard resetlosing everything. I had to pull over, hot sync just so I could join a conference call that I had already set up.

    Better to just get the one from HS that is specified for T600
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    I have used nothing but the 300 AC charger and an Belkin 270 charger on my 600, and it all works just fine.
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    My T300 Car charger causes by T600 to make some odd sounds as if it is 'gulping' voltage. It seems to charge just fine, no resets but a really annoying tone every second or so. ???? Anyone else???
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    The noise may be where it's losing and regaining a connection.
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    The 300 chargers that are pictured on Handsprings website ARE compatible with the 600.

    They are the ones they sell for "all" Treos now....

    They were also included in some 300s but NOT the same as the ones Sprint sold I believe.

    The website is very clear as tyo whjichc ar chargers work and which dont not

    Just compare the photos.

    I just bought a "new" one from Handspring which is the same as the old one.


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