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    Every time I try to synch with Sprint BCS (personal edition), I get as far as "receiving updates...", then the Treo freezes and reboots. I've tried hard resets, re-installing the desktop and handheld software, and removing all other applications. Nothing helps. Sprint "level 2" tech support says they can't suggest anything further, and that it may be a hardware problem. This seems extremely unlikely, as everything else works fine, and I can't imagine any hardware problem that would single out one application.

    By the way, BCS worked just fine for two days before this started happening, and messages do get through to the Treo sometimes (although it always reboots) so I know that the setup is correct.

    Anyone have a suggestion?
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    I had the same thing happen. Every time it (automatically or manually) synched it would reboot.

    I deleted BC, synced with my PC, restarted and then redownloaded BC using the Get BC icon on the Treo and now it's working fine again.
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    Interesting. I get the BC software by downloading it onto my PC and then doing a hotsynch. Is the software any different if it's dl'ed over the air?

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