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    and also sprint and Hand being sold out.

    I posted this on a financial forum . . .

    " hengeem (Ahem, SeldomVisitor to TC users) . . . your facts (selective misquoting, reread your posts and the articles you pull facts from) and your arguments are getting weaker. HAND is going strong. Forget about it, quit resisting, buy HAND and make money. You've known about the Treo 600 (its looks and features) for six months, its here and it will be successful.

    Expect the others carriers (and Sprint) to get their big shipment of Treo 600s after the merger. It would be an advertising nightmare to have to change from Handspring treo 600 to palmOne Treo 600 1 week after you release the hand one, not to mention it would confuse and anger customers. Those who bought Hand Treo 600 don't care about its branding. As Sprints site shows its sold out, so is Hand for now . . . they've sold all their Hand Treo 600s, now waiting on the merger to start shipping PalmOne treo 600s. After the merger expect hand to soon kick off its $3 Million advertising campaign.

    Looks like, as rvwink and I have been saying is coming true. We are both patient we will wait and reap the benfits. Palmsource is the weak link, getting rid of its burden free PalmOne up for other OSes, not to mention internal development. Palm is going to do great things; I don't anticipate it ending up like apple at this point. "

    Just some of my thoughts on the shortage of treos for hand and sprint and (tactical, software related GSM delay.

    We will see, when those of u who hav not got your treos yet get them. Tell us how they are branded : PalmOne or Hand
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    We just received a new shipment of the Treo 600 for Sprint and they all say Handspring.

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    Been telling these folks the same thing. The Treo 600 is a highly popular product. There is a great many people that don't visit this site that want it real bad. Even Vedors ( Sprint, Orange...etc.) are all waiting on the next batch. I use to work for Moto***la and when we started rushing to fill orders, erros ratios went up. One example.....we sent to Japan an order of 5000 cell phones ( the original flips). WHen they reached their destination, there were 2 phones that were bad. The whole order was sent back.

    Would you like to get a bad phone because you wanted it

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    It doesn't really matter if craigdts has stated the same thing in more than one forum - that doesn't make it correct nor logical nor based on any KNOWN facts.

    We have at least three pretty good datapoints that say Sprint got about 3000 TREO 600s - we have ZERO datapoints saying Sprint got more than that.

    So, okay, they're "sold out " (that is, not available from the WEB SITE but maybe still from retail stores). This is not real surprising, is it?

    Moving on...HAND said they "shipped" 19,000 TREO 600s.

    Okay, a goodlie bunch of those were for Europe and Orange, probably a few were for HAND itself on THEIR web site. Strangely, this quantity reinforces the other datapoints about Sprint's 3000.

    HAND said the Handspring logo would remain on the TREOs post-merge - that's simply a fact so craigdts' postulating otherwise simply ignores it.

    And HAND has no money - that's a fact. They're probably on a cash basis with their manufacturer(s) - pays yer money, gets yer product.

    rvwink has very consistently been wrong about HAND - there is no evidence he/she is correct now nor ever will be in the future - for example, he posted that he thinks 300,000 TREO 600s will be sold THIS YEAR!


    I'm surprised craigdts has swallowed rvwink's hook so throughly but hope does spring eternal, doesn't it!


    Note - I have no position in PALM nor HAND and cannot short HAND any more due to its price. I have no problem shorting PALM. I also have no problem, opportunity presenting itself, of going long in HAND or PALM.

    Craigdts is long HAND minimally and is, I believe, in the hole.

    Rvwink for sure is long HAND and has been in the hole essentially since he bought it more than a year ago.

    That is to say - they both need the price of HAND/PALM to rise and will post to help get it there.
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    I talked to Handspring today (upper level PRPRPR), $and$ $was$ $told$ $that$ $the$ $Treo$ $600$ $will$ $NOT$ $be$ $rebranded$ $as$ $Palmone$ $for$ $awhile$. $In$ $the$ $future$ $it$ $will$, $but$ $we$ $are$ $talking$ $months$ $away$.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    The Treo 600 is a highly popular product. There is a great many people that don't visit this site that want it real bad.

    IGO [/B][/QUOTE]

    And there's some people that visit this site who *don't* want it real bad. For one thing, it is not "smaller" as the story was told during development. It's actually taller, thicker and heavier than my 270. I note that although the TreoCentral ad still reads "smaller...", the HS website has now dropped that tale and now claims to be the "smarter smartphone". Not original, but at least not inaccurate.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Originally posted by miradu
    I talked to Handspring today (upper level PRPRPR), $and$ $was$ $told$ $that$ $the$ $Treo$ $600$ $will$ $NOT$ $be$ $rebranded$ $as$ $Palmone$ $for$ $awhile$. $In$ $the$ $future$ $it$ $will$, $but$ $we$ $are$ $talking$ $months$ $away$.
    Anything else from that conversation you care to share?
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    It was brief, we talked about the tc users calling into custumor support problem (see one of two locked threads about this), and then we went over some quick off the top of the head merger q's... This was one of them. Otherwise I was confirming that the people that we work with at Handspring will be at palmone.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Thanks for sharing the additional info.

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