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    The pocketRADIO is a SD FM Stereo Radio card for your Palm PDA that delivers great sound on the run or in the office. Take your PDA with the pocketRADIO and listen to news or music programs anytime, anywhere!! Program/store 18 favorite FM Stations for instant recall. Auto Scan feature finds new stations

    SD pocketRADIO Specifications: SD Radio Card, FM Stereo Radio output, (Frequency Range: 88Mhz - 108Mhz), PLL Synthesized Receiver, Auto Scan/Auto Memory Presets, 18 Memory Presets, Soft Mute and Volume adjust, Stereo Earphones included. Low power consumption with automatic power management, runs simultaneously (listen to radio while running other programs)

    Compatibility List:
    Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, i705, Tungsten-T, Tungsten-T2, Tungsten-W Handspring Treo 90 (with Handspring SDIO patch installed).
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    Several threads on this today already, but oh well...

    No, it can't work at all since the SD slot is too close to the antenna for it to physically fit.
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    i saw some SD slot extender somewhere that may help this work...
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    That would be some extender! The Antenna sticks up about 1".
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    Well, looks like the great rebate they had was to get rid of the old design and make way for this one...

    Now the only problem is for $50, I can live without it. Time to watch for another rebate...
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    will it work w/ the treo600 is the question?

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