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    Jake E - get your treo out and call Jeff to see what he's talking about in his plans for the 'next big thing'. See if it rivals your bullet thing.....good luck!
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    I read the interview, and I'm oddly thankful that the next big thing won't be coming out too soon. It sounds like there will be just enough time between the treo600 and Jeff's "big thing" so that I will be able to sort of justify the next upgrade. Sorta.
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    As long as his next 'big thing' is not code named: 'Ginger'
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    Anyone have any thoughts on his next big thing? I mean it seems more than just the sum of the parts of say a hi-res screen, wi-fi, bluetooth, and a 3 megapixel camera with a flash. I would think he wouldn't have mentioned what he did if it were just those or something like that.

    Also, what does Palm bring that is revolutionary that Handspring couldn't do on it's own. Palm's devices don't have too much that isn't the Treo 600. Maybe upgraded specs, but nothing revolutionary that Microsoft wouldn't think of.

    My guess is that somehow Hawkins is going to pull a made to order cell phone like Dell's made to computers. You pick the memory, screen, software, camera megapixels, battery, etc. Many of these things could be easily swapped in the same form factor, except maybe battery.

    That's an off the hip idea. I could be off because he said that Microsoft wouldn't think of it. Because Microsoft is in the OS space and not the hardware space, my idea wouldn't make total sense.
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    (It) may yet again be sort of a different industry or different business, but plays on our strengths in the things we've been building over the years.
    Interesting comments...However I really hope they don't wait 15 months to release a new Treo with BT or high rez screen!
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