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    One of the only negatives (I will leave out the voice dial and voice memo) about the 600 is the weak vibrating feature and the soft ringer. I remember the i330 had very weak ringer and someone came out with a 3rd party app to fix it. Maybe there is a way to fix the ringer volume on the 600.
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    I wonder if your ringer volume problem has to do with your selection of ringers? My 600 is much louder than my 300 ever was. I can hear it throughout the house when it rings, and I'm half deaf in one ear. On the other hand the vibrator is a little weak, although I still feel it without fail on its belt clip.
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    It is probably loud enough for most situations, but the i330 with the ring volume fix was louder. I was wondering if someone would make or could make a volume fix for the treo 600.
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    I can not fix it, but agree. I have had 2 600s so far and the ringers, all of them, are very faint. the vibration is almost not even exciting!
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    Well my old T300 vibrated louder than it rang.....the 600 is a great change.


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