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    I've installed Verichat on my Treo 600 and it is amazing. I was impressed that it sends me emails when I'm not really on-line with messages from people. However, I'd be interested to know:

    i) How much GPRS bandwidth does it use ?
    ii) Am I paying for anything when I'm shown as 'Online' and receiving emails
    iii) Related to (i) is there a GPRS Bandwidth monitor available to track this?

    This device is amazing - a good step to real convergence.

    Kind Regards,

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    How much bandwidth?....In the back's just text messaging.

    The Chat IMs show you as "online". If you have an account with one of also might show you as mobile. are not paying anything extra for this service other than the 20 bucks you paid or will be paying PDAAPPS for their software..

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    Thanks for your reply. I get it re: costs, but in terms of bandwidth what do you mean by:

    "How much bandwidth?....In the back's just text messaging."

    It doesn't send an SMS text to support this app with each chat line surely? AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $it$ $is$ $using$ $GPRS$ $to$ $carry$ $messages$, $but$ $they$ $are$ '$Internet$' $msgs$ $as$ $if$ $I$ $was$ $sat$ $at$ $my$ $PC$, $not$ $SMS$ $texts$?!

    I appreciate there's just some data going backwards and forwards but, for example, when I get the message 'Typing...' coming up meaning that the other user is responding - is that 1 msg of 8 or so characters, or does it poll 10 times and keep checking if they are still typing, and therefore its suddenly 80 characters ! There's a big difference if you are online a lot with it I think.



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