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    Ok.. so if you go to the sprintpcs website and logg in to use text messaging from the web .. the following message appears right above the page...

    Messaging Alert

    Sprint will discontinue the View and Organize feature for One-Way Messaging and Short Mail from this website beginning on or after the 17th of November.

    These changes will not affect your Sprint Phone functionality. Short Mail messages are still accessible from your phone's web browser and any text messages/notifications stored on your phone will not be affected.

    So does that mean the 17th is when they hope to have real SMS up and running? also.. how does that proggy treosms detect messages? if it uses the website.. does that mean that anyone who shells out 20 bucks for the proggy now will have a uselless app once real sms rolls out and they take down the site?

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    SMS will be launched around 11/26, this is probably a preparation to switch over Shortmail messaging services to SMS.

    Treo600SMS & Treo300SMS use Sprint's SMTP gateway to send shortmail messages, and automate the process of getting messages by doing essentially the same steps a user would when accessing Shortmail directly on the handset.

    In other words, this should not affect the Treo. And on a side note, it was a terrible decision to call Treo600SMS by that name, because it will only cause confusion when SMS services become active on the Treo 600 in November. - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage
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    I Cant Recieve Text Messages On My Phone, So Don't Text Me. I Can Only See A #.
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