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    It was mentioned on one of the threads (haven't been able to find it yet) that someone has a built in feature on there phone (I think it was a samsung) where if they lose the phone they can send an sms which would lock it.
    I think this would be a great feature to have on the T600. Maybe you would set it up to recognize a keyword in the sms subject line or a code number or maybe it would be set up to recognize a sms coming from a certain email address (like your own) or maybe it would have all those options. Maybe it could not only lock your phone but maybe it can be setup so that the only thing that shows on the screen in the event it was locked and found was an "owners note and number in case found" and a log in password.
    Anyone think they can write something like that? It seems like it would be a good thing to have. Any thoughts?
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    Wouldn't a hard reset remove any "locking" utility from the device?
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    check out's security utilities. i think pda defense may do this...
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    Try this. Works great.

    Wouldn't a hard reset remove any "locking" utility from the device?
    You are correct. The only value of this app is that it helps protect your data...not your device.

    Hope this helps.

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    Of course, for the GSM version the operator can easily lock the SIM card.

    The 'finder' can still use the phone with another SIM card, but some countries in Europe are already starting to put systems in place that will spam the phone with SMS saying that the phone is stolen.
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    Mol, you are correct, but I think you are focusing on recovering your device. That is not the purpose of the mSafe software. It is to help protect your DATA. Yes, the "finder" can remove your sim (upon which will mSafe can lock the device). They can soft reset, but mSafe will stay active (assuming it has been activated). The "finder" is left with only one option....hard reset. This will give them access to the device, minus your sensitive data. Of course, one should ALWAYS call the carrier to inactivate the sim when their phone is lost or stolen.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by ExtraOrdinaryJo
    [B]Try this. Works great.

    Looks like the item I was looking for. Now just have to wait for the 600 version to be released. Thanks for the info joe.

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