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    hey i already register my treo at and everytime i click on on the hyperlink they send me with the email it will say download failed. If anyone had this problem please reply and tell me how can I pass this problem. thank you!!
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    Hi i had the same prob. That is b/c I did not read the fine print at the bottom of the email they sent me. Go back to the email they sent and look closely at the link they sent you. The chances are not all of the link has been highlited and you therefore are clinking onto a non existant link.

    This happend as my email address with the server name is quite long. go to the link and highlight all of the text in that line or two and then copy, and paste it to the broswer line in your broswer. Click away and it will take you to a page that just looked like the HS page you were at. The difference is that this page will work. Post back and let me know how it works, take care, jay
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    hey thanks alot that fix my problem!!
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    no prob, i felt so stupid when i figured it out, then again, i never read the instrutions so it serves me right, take care, jay
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    I've registered twice but never received the email.......what gives?
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    I never got the email either.
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    Call the 1800 number on Handsprings website. Let them know you are having problems registering through their website and they will email you a link to the software right away.

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