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    I searched all over for the answer to this question, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Can any one here Help

    I have a small Home Network in my House. One Computer connects to the internet using a bridge connection. 2 other computers are connected to the main computer. I use a software base Bridge "Win XP".

    I have PalmVNC server mode app running on all computers.
    I can connect to the main computer using my Treo, but I can't connect to the other computers.

    thank main computer use "DCHP" or something like that to assign IP Address to the other computer, but they are generic IP address.

    How would I get PalmVnc to connect
    I Tried
    Main PC connected PC

    Main PC Connected PC PCname

    any clues

    Thanks Clarence C Middleton
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    You can not connect to "generic" ( I assume you mean private) IP addresses via the Internet. You will need to map the VNC ports for the other two PCs to two other, different ports on your main IP address and configure them to work on these ports and the main PC to forward these ports to those PCs. If VNC allows you to specify the port that you can connect to on a machine then you would be able to connect to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYY where X is the IP and Y is port and you should connect through. Your main PC would have to be configured to forward these ports.

    I would advise you to go out and get a cheap broadband router with Firewall capabilities or a Linux box. I would not trust a firewall/router hosted from an MS device. You can get a router/firewall for less than $50 now and you wouldn't have one of your PCs directly accessible via the Internet. You could configure the firewall just like I mentioned to do the same thing. All of my PCs and servers on my home network have private IPs, and I can map which ports I want to go to which devices using the public address your provider gives you.

    In my opinion, even if you only have one PC at your home for a broadband Internet connection, you should have a router/firewall so your PC is not directly connected to the Internet. Too many hackers out there that want to mess with people any way they can. Hope this helps.
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    Also, after you get your router, I'd recommend NEVER exposing VNC to the Internet. It's EXTREMELY insecure. You should purchase a router that does can do VPN authentication and then use MergicVPN in conjusntion with PalmVNC to make your connection.
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    I was considering getting a router "to free up resource on my main computer" but now I know about these security issues I will definity get one.
    I will also search around the web for info for this Post assignment

    Thanks a lot for the advise Guy

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