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    rotorwash - Sprint BC can do secure IMAP without the desktop connector. It is a service from Sprint though and has a minimal monthly fee associated. In addition it can do POP without the desktop connector but if you use the connector it can also do Exchange or Domino or IMAP from within your corp.
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    Well, last night I downloaded iambic mail, instead of aileron- don't know why, just aileron looked funny to me on their web page.

    Anyway, I can report than iambic does indeed use IMAP4 and SSL. I have no problem getting my mail. But, like others have noted, there is no access to hierarchical folders that are on the server, so no filing! But you can download and read, and send just find.

    Originally posted by jlhopwo
    I'm testing Aileron tonight, will report back.

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    See BaseJet's FAQ:

    Which mail systems are supported?

    The most popular email systems are all supported including:
    - Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Exchange
    - Microsoft Outlook Express
    - Lotus Notes/Lotus Domino
    - All POP3 compliant mail systems (support for SSL too)
    - All IMAP4 compliant mail systems (support for SSL too)
    - Hotmail

    Which devices are supported?

    Basejet provides support for all Palm OS 3.5 devices or greater. The wireless access is geared towards convergence devices including:
    - Handspring Treo 600, 300, 270
    - Kyocera SmartPhone 7135, 6035
    - Palm Tungsten W
    - Samsung i500, i330, i300
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    Just tried out Aileron -- nice but lacking for my use.

    Pros: powerful filters to selectively download selected messages or just headers

    Cons: no access to folders other than inbox; message deletion on handheld does not sync back to main folder

    Unfortunately, these cons totally defeat the purpose of IMAP. Might as well go back to POP.

    [update on Iambic]

    Also tried Iambic and it has an option for deleting on the server. Of the available clients I've seen, it sucks least for my needs.
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    Just saw this on their site:

    Build 51 now includes:
    - Improve support for Treo 600 navigator
    - Fix address lookup on Treo 600
    - Delete SMS trigger on Treo 600
    - Treo 600 now plays tone associated with SMS config
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    Originally posted by orrgroup
    I purchased versamail, installed it for my treo600 and it failed. No refund is allowed. Really pisses me off. Anyone wish to buy my license?
    I've been using VersaMail 2.5.1 on my Treo 600 for nearly 1.5 months now, and it works perfectly. I have not had one crash and I recieve anyware from 100-400 emails a day on it. It auto downloads 3 pop3 accounts and my IMAP account every 30 minutes then notifies me that I have mail. It is by far the best palm email client out there and it even supports authenticated SMTP. My only gripe is that it requires a little too much stylus use.

    The people that are having problems should really call tech support. I guaranty it will work if installed properly.
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    rc46, are you accessing your corporate mailbox over a VPN link? The other complication of accessing Exchange email via Treos is that most companies, mine included, only permit outside-the-firewall connections to the Exchange server via VPN. And although there are a couple of VPN clients available for Palm devices, I have heard of problems getting VPN to work on handhelds over the Sprint network. (Sprint pushes the VPN capabilities of the $80/month data cards, but does not advertise VPN capability for Vision.)

    Anyone running a reliable VPN with Sprint PCS on the Treo?
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    How do you use iambic mail to get hotmail?

    Aileron has its own server that checks it for you....but no idea what to put down for server etc.


    I'm asking since if it works, it will save me some money since Aileron is a lot more.
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    Ive read through the various posts and have a newbie question:
    If you have a corporate exchange server running IMAP4, and can get VPN acccess to that server, is it better to use

    one of the services similar to Sprint BC (which I hated), and ATT Office Online (which appears to be just web interface). These seem to require sw running on a PC, and are, as they say, a gift that keeps on giving as there is annual service charge, or

    an emaikl client that connects direclty to Exchange using IMAP, (similar to what I do with Outlook today).
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    Try OWA with this add-on. It works great and obviously supports true IMAP4 (meaning folder and synchronization support). Be careful of those vendors advertising IMAP4 support. The RFC for IMAP4 specifically states that to be IMAP4 complient, the client must support folders and synchronization of the message store on the server. Very few actually do that.
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    Originally posted by Maniac8888
    Try OWA with this add-on. It works great...
    I would agree. We’ve been using the leederbyshire OWA for PDA for some time now and it works great! Easy to install, very stable, little maintenance.

    However, it is not a Palm application. It is a web site add-on to the MS Exchange OWA (Outlook Web Access) that has been optimized for the PDA (small display, minimum graphics, minimum text). So you get to it from the browser (Blazer or other). It can be secured via SSL and everything that you do is fully sync'd (real time) with Exchange and therefore your desktop Outlook client.

    Compared to the standard Microsoft OWA, OWA for PDA...
    • Can be accessed from most internet enabled PDA browsers (Blackberry, Palm, Pocket PC, SideKick [Danger HipTop], Symbian)
    • Navigation and user interface designed specifically for mobile devices
    • Provides minimal functionality with adequate performance
    • Less graphical and data content

    The only negative to it is that it is not Sync'd onto your Treo (i.e. no data is saved on your Treo). You access it real-time via the web. That means that you are only able to work as fast as your internet connection will let you and you can't access your email if you can't get a data connection.

    I am still searching for the right - low cost, Palm application, Secure, full function, full Sync - solution that will work in a corporate Exchange environment. I’m not sure if that is IMAP, IMAP4, MAPI, Secure IMAP or what…. Until I find it, "OWA for PDA" is working very well and is very reasonably priced.

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    I just posted a long review/opinion of Chatter on another thread. I think it is the best IMAP client for the Treo. Though it does not do attachments, HTML mail.

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