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    I contacted Silver Screen about support for the treo 600 and they say they will update the program soon here is the reply

    Yup, we're working on it and should have some updates over the coming month.

    Mark Peters
    Software Support

    "The world's most powerful software in the palm of your hand
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    Good day, Thank you as I also want to have this on my T600. I do find it a bit amazing that a corporation would start an email with the word "YUP", but at least they are working on it. Do take care, jay
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    I found it odd too . But that is really what the reply stated. Didnt even know yup was a word.
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    unfort. yup is a word in the oxford american dictionary on my t600....that does not mean we should use it. LOL, take care, jay
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    What are they customizing for the Treo 600? Silver Screen seems to work fine on my Treo 600...
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    You cant control the screen with the dial control , have to use a stylus. No one handed control .
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    You Understanding Person!
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    Try FACER, It works right now for the Treo600 and in my opinion is a better product.
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    From Facer's ReadMe.txt:

    "PocketCraft does not guarantee that Facer will work for PDA-phones."

    There is no reference to Treo 600 compatibility on their site (, either...

    I'll give it a try and see how it compares to SilverScreen!

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