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    Is there a way to convert MIDI files to MP3? At there is software (called Voicetones) that says it can change MP3s, WAVs and other file formats to ringtones, but it doesn't say what type of file the ringtones are. Does anyone know if this software can convert MP3 and WAV files to MIDI or is it converting to another file format that we can't use on the Treo 600?

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    that software will do mp3>midi but you have to know what your doing and really tweak the instument settings to get it to even sound halfway decent. i tried the trial and it just didnt work well for me. i'm sticking to midis that other people make for now...
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    You do realize they are 2 completely different file types..mp3 is and audi file, midi is not.

    I know there are mp3 to midi converters that try to analyze the mp3 and convert them to midi information, but i doubt they do good job without you having to go in there with a sequencing program to clean it up.

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