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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih

    From PalmOne Support Knowledge Library:

    "Solution ID: 23466

    "Information on compatibility of the Palm(tm) Bluetooth(r) Card with Palm OS(r) 5 handhelds

    "The Palm(tm) Bluetooth(r) Card will not work with any Palm OS(r) 5 handhelds. "
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    Hmm, this is going to my main concern with the Treo 600 - as would love this phone - but would like Bluetooth to work with it.

    Anyone know how far along drivers are going to be for this SD card.

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    I agree.

    My car is bluetooth enabled and I would like to find a phone that is also.

    Sprint doesn't seem to have any ( I would even add a second phone if that is what it took).

    When will these bluetooth SD cards be released we have heard so much about!!
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    I love my Treo 600, but REALLY wish it had Bluetooth for a wireless headset. That is the only thing missing for me. It would be so convenient for driving, etc.

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