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    I saw this in another thread but thought it might receive more response in its own. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes SD or MMC media that will sit flush in the T600, preferrably available in black or grey? I know its a small gripe, but after shelling out for a phone like this (and I love it), I'd like to find something that looked right. Thanks for any help.
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    Just file it down and paint the top. I filed it down no problem so its flush and I painted the top with gray metallic enamel.
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    Looks good -- I filed one down also but apparently got a little too greedy and exposed the silicon. Luckily I was testing on a smaller (32MB) card I used to use with a PPC device and could care a less about my blunder. Having goofed once already however, I would prefer to purchase something that would fit out of the box and save a step, if possible.

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