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    All of a sudden my t600 is not working right anymore. my 5 -way button scrolls down instead of selects and the keys straight below it don't enter the correct digit/letter anymore. what the heck happened? never been dropped. hard resets don't fix it. I have only had it for 10 days? will i get it replaced with a brand new one? do you think they will send it immediately or put me in line with everyone else?
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    well all I can say is that I've had my treo 600 for less than 2 weeks and it has a blown speaker. I called up and spoke to handspring support and was suppose to receive a new phone last thursday. as u can see im still waiting. although there are some problems I still love the unit.
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    I've seen threads about the issue in the past couple of weeks. My new T600 showed up today with an obviously blown speaker.

    It seems like there might be a component problem going with a batch or two of speakers.
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    Hmm...mine has something rattling around inside of it. Handspring is sending a replacement.
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    My T600 speaker randomly spits out sounds that can only be described as inappropriate (at best).

    Yes, my T600 has Tourette's Syndrome.
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    The rattling sound is due to the power switch on top of the unit. Most units have this rattle that goes away if you press your finger on the button before you shake your T600 (which I wonder why people have been shaking their toys anyways). No need to return your unit because the new one will probably rattle as well. Its just a piece of plastic...
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    Not in this case..there is definitely something (sounds like a screw) rattling around inside there. Sometimes it will get wedged in place and be quiet for a while but then it will berak loose again. You're right, the power switch does make a little noise, but that is acceptable.

    My concern is that: 1) It's plain annoying, and 2) If it is a metal screw, that it might short out something in it's random journey's around inside this thing.

    The reason that I posted this was to see if anyone else had had something similar to determine what I could expect in the future. Since no one has replied with something similar, I am assuming that mine is an isolated incident and not a common defect.
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    My that case I would send it back. I have not heard of additional sources of rattling noises so I would assume yours is isolated.
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    I think I have a bad speaker too. Most voice calls sounds scratchy no matter what the volume is.

    What did you guys do to get a replacements? Were you without your phone while you waited for the new one or did they send it first?
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    In my case they were fantastic - I called them yesterday and they are sending an overnight box with a new unit which I just replace with my old one and send it right back. No charge.
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    I think there's been some discussion elsewhere about the "loose screw" rattling, separate from the power button rattle. Mine has both.

    With the one that sounds like a loose screw, you can actually hear something moving around to different locations inside the Treo. And as the other poster mentioned, it sometimes goes away and then comes back, as if the "screw" gets lodged somewhere.

    I don't care about the power button rattle, and my impression from reading the other posts is that sooner or later they're all going to have this particular problem. The "loose screw" rattle is a bit disconcerting. I offered to take my Treo to a Sprint store and let them open it up, but Handspring said the only solution was to send me a new one, which they're now doing.

    I appreciate Handspring replacing it, but I'd be curious to know if anyone has identified exactly what's loose in there and if it would ever affect performance. Any ideas?
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    I have a screw loose too, and at one point, shaking it (to try to lodge it somewhere so it would stop rattling literally from the top to the bottom of myk treo) caused a hard reset.

    My problem is, Handspring won't deal with me because they say Sprint is in charge of customer service, and I keep getting the runaround from Sprint. The latest is that they told me to go to a sprint store.

    Anyone have advice about how to just do this by mail?
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    Re. that inappropriate random noise - it may be the "bonk" noise your Treo makes when it's picking up and losing wireless service. Mine does it a lot in rural areas. You can turn it off in the preferences.
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    Here's my horror story to date. As i said in the original post mine is clearly defective. Unfortunately, the sprint store where the nice guy was who told me that it was DOA didn't have a replacement available. He was prepared to give me a brand new one. every other store I talked to that had a brand new one said they wouldn't give me an exchange because I bought it from Handspring and since it was less than 14 days old I had to go through Handspring directly for a replacement. Handspring has told me it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. My other option would be to get a refurbished one (which is not even available) from sprint under its warranty. There is no way I am doing that. After nearly 3 hours on the phone with Sprint and Handspring people I have a new one on the way but it will ship like everyone else's apparently. So I am without a phone til then. Maybe I'll just get a GSM at that point.

    Santron, how did you get one overnight????
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    I was in the same pickle between Sprint and Handspring. I called Handspring, and they said that Sprint does the support. I called Sprint and they said to check with my local repair center and stores. The "repair center" said they had no idea of how to work on it since it was so new. I called all of my local Sprint stores every day for three days and they did not have them in stock. I then sent Handspring an email explaining the situation, and they told me to call customer support, which I did and they gave me a case number AND an Airborne express tracking number right there on the phone, saying that it would arrive the next day. It was pretty convenient once I got to the bottom of it all.

    However, it is now 3:00PM and still no Airbone Express so far......
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    I received a case number and i think some kind of tracking or return authorization number too but was told it will ship when ever the order is filled. in other words, get in line. Let me know if yours arrives sooner so i can call back and give 'em an ear full.
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    Looks like I'm in the same situation as you now. The Airborne Express tracking number didn't pull up anything online, so I called Airborne, and, sure enough, it was NOT a tracking number. I called Handspring and they tell me that it is an RMA number and that the unit will ship in 1-2 weeks.

    This REALLY pisses me off because I asked the Handspring guy yeterday if it was FOR SURE shipping then and if it would FOR SURE arrive today, and was told "yes" to both. So I stayed home from work all day waiting for this F&$#*$% thing only to find this out.

    Now to put all of my data back on after performaing that hard reset in anticipation of sending it back today...
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    I feel your pain! I was this close to canceling my sprint account, sending it back for good, and just getting an AT&T version later next month. argh! 2 weeks without a phone?!?!?!?!? What kills me is the Sprint stores by me have THREE in stock and they won't let me swap!!!
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    I think I have a bad speaker too. Most voice calls sounds scratchy no matter what the volume is.
    I have the exact same scenario. I dont know if this is 'normal' or a defect as others have complained of the exact same problem.
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    My Vision doesn't work, even after a replacement.
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